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*** All U-Bolts are Bent to your Selected  Dimensions and are Non-Returnable ***

**Most orders (20 Pieces or less) ship same
day if ordered by 10:00 EST **

**Orders over 20 pieces take additional days or weeks depending on the size of the order**

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About Us

Our company began in 1984 in the Towing and Suspension Industry. With over 40 years of experience UBoltsDirect.com based out of Plattsburgh, New York, is confident in our abilities to assist you with your needs. We are proud members of the Better Business Bureau. Our team strives to give you a quality made product at a fair price and great service. We also have experience in:

*Springs, Helper Kits, and Suspension Parts
*Trailer Hitches and Towing Accessories
*Safety Lights
*SnowDogg SnowPlows
*Snow Plow Parts for Most Brands
*Trailer Parts

We are located in Plattsburgh, NY if you would like to visit us for installation or repairs on any of the above.

Plattsburgh Spring, Inc.
9 South Peru Street
Plattsburgh, NY 12901

Email Address: info@uboltsdirect.com

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Toll-Free - 877-HITCH-IT (448-2448)
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Maintaining Your U-Bolts

To maintain your U-Bolt, we recommend that you use a deep nut and thick washer. We sell these separately in store and online. Your U-bolt should be retightened within two weeks or sooner, depending on usage or weight of loads. If your truck carries a lot of loads every day, you should tighten the U-Bolts after one or two days. This can be done on the ground, with a load on the vehicle by hand using a torque wrench. It can also be done in a pit, with an air gun that is heavy enough to do the correct torque setting.

Dangers of Mishandling U-Bolts

You can overtighten a U-Bolt. This action can be as detrimental as not tightening the bolts hard enough. We also recommend that you do not re-use your old U-Bolts. If you were to reuse an old U-Bolt, there could be an issue with their retightening abilities. The nut tends to grab the old threads, and these threads have been weakened because of exposure to road conditions such as salt and moisture.